Mixmedia box. I left the original appearance of a beautiful wooden casket. I changed the interior by adding roses from model paste and 3D elements. I realy ❤ craft.Are You lookind for Valentine day gift? Maby candle harts? Check in our  Shop

Finaly look ❤ Its still lots of things to do 😍 My first powertex angel ❤❤❤My new project. Powertex figurine of lady with flowers.  I ❤ crafr


The most fantastic place for Christmas fair ❤❤❤Gunnesbury Park Museum ❤❤❤❄🎄

It’s time to open a Christmas card workshop. 47 cards to order to do❣ Wish me luck 😁🎄🎁🌨

Christmas event. First this year🎄♥️

3D bubble in progress 🎁🎄❄Christmas, Christmas, Christmas 🎄♥️🎄♥️

One more Saturday event 👍Christmas candles ♥️🎄

Small Suterday event 😎

Decoupage nappkins now on sale in shop. Pleas visit our website shop and finde your perfeck one in craft kits tab.

Two wooden boxes. First one with rose decoupade and gray shadows. Secend polish folclor decoupade with cracked paint effect and gold patina finish.


I realy feel christmas 😂 I know, I know… its only september. But I start feeling Christmas spiryt 🎄🎁


Polish folc style wooden box with cracked effect. ♥️♥️♥️


And few more polish folclor items. I ♥️ decoupade.


Little bucket made on polish vintage style. I♥️ craft 🤗😍


Happy cap family 😆😄


A few new magnets 😍


Meet my new friend 😉 I start prepere magnets winter edition.


Good morning😁 First open my workshop today and lovely suprise from my husband❤❤❤THANK YOU! ❤❤❤


Final look ❤ heritage style clock with wooden boxClock need one more tuch 👀


11 of 17 Thank You card 😁 order it’s almost done ❤❤❤


Heritage clock. Very first paint layer. 


Hand- painting bottle. Prefect for light wine, juice, water. Or just for decoration 🙂 theme: summer meadow.


New workshop, new project 🙂


Prepers for little Sunday bazaar 😀

A day without craft is a lost day 🙂


 The design of the cross – stitch embroidery. Image size: 32/53 ceentymeters. I sew it on the order.

New project. 8 small wooden boxes of tinted coffee, covered in a large box. The theme is the notes.